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Gossen Metrawatt Metriso 5000D-PI Insulation Tester

Gossen Metrawatt

Hi Voltage Insulation Tester
High Voltage Insulation Tester with Time-Testing Functions

Gossen Metrawatt 5000D-PI Inuslation Tester

Metriso 500 D-PI Hi Voltage Insulation Tester
The Metriso 5000D-PI is used for non-destructive measurement of insulation resistance in electrical systems such as machine transformers, cabels and electrical equipment.
Selectable test voltages of up to 5 kV.


The Metriso 5000 D-PI is a 5000V digital insulation measuring instrument. It has selectable voltages up to 5000V and is well suited for conventional insulation measurements. The Metriso 5000 D-PI has integrated memory that can save up to 1600 measured values, a communication interface, and free software.



• Selectable test voltages up to 5KV
• Digital indicator in illuminated display
• Integrated timer
• RS 232 interface and free software
• Special high-voltage measurement cables
• Integrated memory saves up to 1600 measuring values
• Contact current measurement
• Voltage measurement to 1000 V AC, DC
• Measurement of breakdown voltage
• Capacitance measurement
• Time-dependent insulation measurement, e.g. polarization index, absorption ratio, dielectric discharge, and capacitance measurement
• DAkkS calibration certificate (Accredited per ISO/IEC 17025)



The Metriso 5000 D-PI is ideal for the non-destructive measurement of insulation resistance in electrical systems, machines, transformers, and cables, as well as within the electrical equipment. The Metriso 5000 D-PI can be used in many applications, including locomotives, tram systems, and ocean going vessels.



• Metriso 5000 D-PI
• Alligator clips (2.5 kV version)
• AC power cable and 1 interface cable
• Operating instructions
• DAkkS Calibration Certificate (Accredited per ISO/IEC 17025)

Part Number: M5810 (Basic)
Part Number: M5810-V001 (Standard)
Metriso 5000D-PI Technical Data
Metriso 5000D-PI Operating Instructions (PDF)
Metriso 500D-PI Product Summary (PDF)

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