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Gossen Metrawatt

For Measurement of Low-value Resistance in Electrical Systems

The Gossen Metrawatt MetraOhm 413

The METRAOHM 413 is a handheld battery powered digital instrument that is ideal for the measurement of low-value resistance in electrical systems. It can be used to test large protective conductors, grounds, equipotential bonding, and lightning protection systems. Resistance is measured between reference earth and any desired point.



• Two measuring ranges from 0.01 ... 20ohm and 0.1 ... 200ohm
• Measurement cable zero balancing
• Compact and durable - for rugged service calls and laboratory use
• Overvoltage protection - protects the instrument in the event of inadvertent connection to power voltage
• Indication of interference voltage
• IP 65 protection



• Adjustment of shunts in instrumentation applications
• Testing of electrical connections at bus bars in open-pit mining, in manufacturing facilities, and in household applications
• Testing of cable resistance, wiring, shunt resistors in printed circuit boards, and thick-film circuits
• Measurement of contact resistance in relays, power contactors, and load interrupters
• Measurement of fuse resistance, as well as cable resistance in heavy current circuits
• Testing of coil resistance in transformers, coils, and small motors




• Metraohm 413
• Plug-in measuring cable
• 9V battery
• Operating instructions


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Part Number: M630A
MetraOhm 413 Operating Instructions (PDF)
MetraOhm 413 Technical Data (PDF)
METRAOHM 413 Product Summary (PDF)



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