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Gossen Metrawatt
Metriso 5024

Battery Operated Analog Insulation Tester

The Gossen Metrawatt Metriso 5024 Insulation Tester

The Metriso 5024 is a battery operated analog insulation tester and voltmeter with low-resistance measuring capabilities. This small and easy to use meter is ideal for the measurement of insulation resistance of voltage-free devices and equipment with nominal voltages of up to 500V. The Metriso 5024 is compact, rugged and is well suited for use in harsh conditions or laboratory environments.



• Insulation measurement with 100, 250, and 500V measuring voltages
• Analog display
• Low-resistance measurements for protective conductor, bonding conductor resistance, and continuity
• Audible alarm and blinking LED indicates alarm status for erroneous measurements
• Fluttering pointer as a last resort warning function
• LED and audible beeper used as function control for GO/NO-GO decisions
• LED illuminated scale for insulation and low-resistance measurement


The Metriso 5024 is ideal for use in the resistance measurement of coils, contacts, bonding, and protective conductors. Insulation tests can be performed on voltage free devices.
• Metriso 5024
• Carrying pouch
• Replacement fuse
• Operating instructions

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Part Number: M540E
Metriso 5024 Operating Instructions (PDF)
Metriso 5024 Technical Data (PDF)
Metriso 5024 Product Summary (PDF)



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