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Gossen Metrawatt MetraMachine 204/2.5 machinery test system

Gossen Metrawatt
MetraMachine 204/2.5
Electrical Equiment and Machine Tester
Earth Continuity, Insulation Resistance, Residual Voltage and Flash Test System
NFPA 79: Electrical Standard For Industrial Machinery

Gossen Metrawatt Metramachine 204/2.5 Macinery Tester

The MetraMachine 204 is a portable measuring system ideally suited for electrical safety testing of machinery in accordance with NFPA 79: Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery, and IEC 60204: Safety of machinery - Electrical equipment of machines. The MetraMachine is a combination of the Profitest 204+ and a Profitest 204HP high voltage test module. The MetraMachine 204 has been designed for quick, safe testing, and stores measured values that can be communicated to a PC.



• Illuminated display
• Two measurement cables (4-wire connection)
• Remote control for efficient use
• Limit value adjustment
• Convenient memory and report generating functions need more explanation
• Data interface for PC and printer
• Optional keypad for quick, on-site alphanumeric data entry and reports printing
• Protective Conductor Test with test current 10A

Expanded Features for Profitest 204HP-2.5kV
• Voltage test per NFPA 79 and IEC 60204
• Test power: 500VA

The MetraMachine 204 has been designed for quick and safe testing of electrical and electronic machinery equipment/systems in accordance with NFPA 79 and IEC 60204. Tests include continuity, insulation resistance, and residual voltage testing. In addition, the MetraMachine 204 can be used for voltage measurements, leakage current tests, and frequency measurements. The MetraMachine 204 can be used on an assembly line, in an R&D role, or as part of a quality assurance program.
• MetraMachine 204
• Test probe with integrated remote control
• Test probe with integrated fuse and permanently attached measurement cable
• Cable lug
• Power cable
• CD ROM with download program for report forms
• Factory calibration certificate
• RS232 cable
• Operating instructions
• Caddy 204 trolley
• Signal 204 indicator lamp
• Leadex 204 measurement extension cable


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MetraMachine 204/2.5
Electrical Equipment and Machine Tester

Part Number: M504H
Operating Instructions (PDF)
Technical Data (PDF)
MetraMachine 204/2.5 Product Summary (PDF)



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