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Gossen Metrawatt Profitest 204+ machinery test instrument

Gossen Metrawatt

PROFITEST 204+ Multifunction Machinery Tester
Measures Ground Wire, Leakage Current, Insulation Resistance, Voltage and Frequency.
NFPA 79: Electrical Standard For Industrial Machinery

Gossen Metrawat Profitest 204+ Machinery Tester

The Profitest 204+ is a portable measuring system ideally suited for electrical safety testing of machinery and related electrical equipment in accordance with IEC 60204: Safety of machinery - Electrical equipment of machines. The PROFITEST 204+ has been designed for quick, safe testing, and stores measured values that can be communicated to a PC.



• Illuminated display
• Two measurement cables (4-wire connection)
• Remote control for efficient use
• Limit value adjustment
•Memory and report generating functions
• Data interface for PC and printer
• Optional keypad for quick, on-site alphanumeric data entry and reports printing
• Protective Conductor Test with test current 10A
• Can be retrofitted for high-voltage testing

The Profitest 204+ has been designed for safe testing of electrical machinery equipment, and systems in accordance with IEC 60204. Tests include continuity, insulation resistance, and residual voltage. In addition, the Profitest 204+ can be used for voltage measurements, leakage current tests, and frequency measurements. The Profitest 204+ can be used on an assembly line, in an R&D role, or as part of a quality assurance program.
• Test probe with integrated remote control
• Test probe with integrated fuse and permanently attached measurement cable
• Cable lug
• Power cable
• CD ROM with download program for report forms
• Factory calibration certificate
• RS232 cable
• Operating instructions
Profitest 204+ Machinery Tester
Electrical tester for protective conductor, insulation and residual voltage measurements for machinery and related electrical equipment. Meets NFPA 79 electrical standard for industrial machinery.

Part Number: M360A
Profitest 204+ Technical Data
Profitest 204+ Operating Instructions (PDF)
ProfiTest 204+Product Summary

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