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Gossen Metrawatt Useries Active Energy Meters


U1281 and U1389 Active Energy Meters

Gossen Metrawatt U Series Electronic Active Energy Meters
  • Professional energy meter for 2, 3 and 4 wire systems with 65 A direct connection, or 1 A or 5A transformer connection
  • Active energy measurement (import) per EN 61036, class 1, with electronic anti-reversing device
  • Type approvals for D, AT, CH, CZ, HR
  • Initial calibration for Germany at own calibration department
  • Calibration even with adjustable transformation ratios
  • Multifunctional variants for acquiring other mains quantities
  • Installation errors display: phase sequence, phase failure, transformers with reversed polarity, overload
  • Universal pulse output with adjustable pulse rate and pulse duration, as well as selectable voltage range
  • Flexible communication via integrated LON, M-Bus or L-Bus interface
  • Connection to Kieback & Peter DDC3000 via SBM5x/04
  • Full functionality even when the electrical circuit is switched off thanks to failsafe 24 V auxiliary voltage
  • Export variant available for 60 Hz line frequency
  • Tamper-proof cover, configuration disabling
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Made in Germany
U Series Meters

The calibratable energy meter can be used to acquire and bill active energy in industrial, household, commercial and building management applications.

Type approval and calibration allow for official billing of electrical energy to third parties. Relevant values are transmitted to data logging, billing and optimizing systems, as well as to building automation and control technology applications, by means of a pulse output, or via LON, M-Bus or L-Bus interface.

Installation itself is extremely simple because the meter detects connection errors, which are indicated immediately. Maximum convenience is assured by displaying active power, which provides immediate information regarding momentary circuit load. If more information about the electrical system is required, functionality is simply expanded.

Multifunctional Variant
With the multifunctional variant, the meter is also capable of displaying up to 26 additional measured quantities. As a result, voltage level, utilization of individual phases, reactive power component and the functioning of compensation systems can be evaluated at any time by simply pressing a button without any additional measuring equipment. Refer to the table for details.

Diverse Calibration Capability – Approved for Official Billing
The meters have national type approvals for D, AT, CH, CZ, and HR, and can be used for official third part billing in the respective country after initial calibration by a federally approved test authority.

In Germany, the energy meters can be supplied as calibrated variants (P1), and additionally with calibration certificate (P2), for official energy billing. In accordance with legal requirements, the calibration certificate may not show any measurement error. Initial calibration is carried out at Gossen Metrawatt's federally recognized EB8 test laboratory.

Scalable Functionality
The energy meter can be ideally matched to the measuring task – and the customer only pays for what it actually required.

Article Number: U1281
Article Number: U1389
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