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Gossen Metrawatt APlus Universal measurement and monitoring for electrical networks

APlus Power Monitoring and Power Quality Analysis
Universal measurement for electrical networks
Gossen Metrawatt A-Plus & A-Plus with Ethernet Multifunction Power Monitor
The APLUS is a new comprehensive unit for the universal measurement, monitoring and power quality analysis in electrical power networks. It complements the product portfolio of indicative power measurement devices with a high-end variant. The focus is on highest Swiss quality and maximum customer benefit. The device is suited for the application in power distribution, in strongly distorted industrial environments and in building automation. Due to its high performance it is also qualified for challenging tasks in test stands. Nominal voltages up to 690V can directly be connected. The connection of the process environment is possible via Modbus communication interface, via digital I/Os or via analog outputs. The Modbus interface, a relay, a digital input and a digital output are part of the basic equipment of the device.
1 device in size 96 x 96mm for every application: Continuous, insensitive and highly precise measurement, e.g. 0.1% for U / I and 0.5S for active energy.

2 tariffs for 12 standard energy meters and up to 7 pulse counters of any kind for the central acquisition and recording of energy billing data.

3 operating counters, suited for monitoring equipments with regard to service intervals or operating times under overload condition.

4 acknowledgeable alarms with state and plain text display directly on the device, determined from up to 12 limit values or other logical states.

5 function keys for the intuitive operating of the device. Four different display modes (including free composable one's), for the optimum adaptation to the needs on-site.

6 optional I/O channels (analog outputs and / or digital I/O's) and 2 relays for connecting control systems and meters as well as for alarming purposes.
If the option Ethernet Ethernet is used, instead of the Modbus interface (RS485) an Ethernet interface is built-in in the device. The connection is performed via a standardized RJ45 connector. Up to 5 concurrent connections are possible, which allows access via multiple Modbus/TCP clients. In addition the real-time clock of the APLUS may be synchronized by means of the NTP protocol, to get a reliable time reference for the measurement data acquisition.
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