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Gossen Metrawatt
All-in-one Compact Milliohmmeter, Multimeter, and Temperature Measuring Instrument

The Gossen Metrawatt Metrahit 27M

The MetraHit 27M is a rugged, reliable, and compact milliohmmeter, multimeter, and temperature measuring instrument all in one. It is very well suited for on-site service, as well as for a wide variety of laboratory tasks. It is a compact milliohm resistance meter, plus multimeter and thermometer for the measurement of low-value contact resistance on aircraft outer skins (lightning protection and wick test), and for general low-resistance measurements.


• Milliohmmeter with 1A measuring current and 200mA measuring current
• Kelvin connection (4-wire measurement)
• Resistance measurement from 300ohm to 30Mohm
• Voltage measurement from 3 to 600Vdc and 3 to 600Vac with ±30,000 digits
• Frequency measurement from 300Hz to 3KHz
• Memory capacity for up to 1200 measured values
• Continuity and diode testing
• Overload protection
• Calibration certificate included
• Low-ohm measurements
• Measuring low value contact resistances at welding seams and riveted joints
• Determination of low-resistance transitions at outer skins of aircraft (lightning protection and wick test), and for general low-resistance measurements.
• MetraHit 27M
• Protective rubber cover with carrying strap
• 3x size AA NiMH storage batteries
• KS17-S measurement cable set
• Quick guide operating instructions
• Operating instructions
• DAkkS calibration certificate (Accredited per ISO/IEC 17025)

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Part Number: M227A
Operating Instructions (PDF)
Technical Data (PDF)
MetraHit 27M Product Summary (PDF)



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