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Gossen Metrawatt
MetraHit Ultra BT

A Universal Electrical Engineering Bluetooth Enabled Multi-meter

The Gossen Metrawatt MetraHit Ultra BT

Part No.: M248B
MetraHit Ultra BT Operating Instructions(PDF)
MetraHit Ultra BT Data Sheet (PDF)
MetraHit Ultra BT Product Summary (PDF)
Bluetooth enabled


With its 22 multi-meter functions, the METRAHIT | ULTRA BT multi-meter is ideally suited for universal use in electrical engineering, especially for industry, service organizations, laboratories and research institutions. The instrument is designed for field engineering applications and runs on two AA batterie.

  • Extremely high resolution of ±310,000 digits, .02 % basic accuracy for lab applications.
  • Triple display for important additional information such as acquisition of minimum/maximum values.
  • 2 megabytes of data memory storage of up to 300,000 measured values with date and time, time controlled (sampling intervals of 0.5 msec to 9 h), dependent on measured values, automatic or manual. 
  • The automatic storage of measured values.
  • TRMS AC and AC+DC Waveform, independent measurement of RMS value up to 100 KHz
  • Auto Range – automatic adaptation of measuring range for optimum resolution.
  • Activate the 1kHz low-pass filter for filtering voltage peaks.
  • Measuring functions: V , dB, A, Ω, diode, F, Hz, °C/°F (TC, RTD.
  • Triple display with a resolution of ±310,000 digits
  • Intrinsic error: ± (0.02% rdg. + 20 digits)
  • Measuring functions:
    1 µV to 600 VDC and 10 µV to 600 VAC/AC+DC TRMS (bandwidth: 15 Hz to 100 kHz),
    1 nA to 10 ADC and 10 nA to 10 AAC/AC+DC TRMS (bandwidth: 15 Hz to 10 kHz)
  • Resistance, frequency, capacitance and temperature measurement
    1 mΩ to 30 MΩ, 0.001 Hz to 1 MHz, 1 pF to 3 mF, °C/°F,
    Pt100, Pt1000, type K thermocouple: -270 to +1372 ºC
  • Automatic range selection and battery cutoff
  • Min-Max measured value storage
  • Integrated 2 Megabyte measurement data memory
    for approx. 300,000 measured values, sampling rate: 10 ms to 9 hrs.
  • IR data interface
  • CAT IV @ 300 V or CAT III @ 600 V per IEC 61010-1
  • DAkkS calibration certificate as standard feature
  • Power pack (optional)
  • METRAHIT ULTRA BT - with integrated Bluetooth interface (article no. M248B)
  • METRALOG Android app for smartphones and tablet PCs for remote control, as well as measured value recording, analysis, and display for METRAHIT ULTRA BT
  • MetraHit Ultra BT Multimeter
  • KS17-2 cable set
  • Batteries, 1.5V , type AA
  • Condensed operating instructions
  • CD-ROM with operating instructions
  • DAkkS calibration certificate
  • Protective rubber holster
Optional Accessories

DC/AC and AC current sensors as well as AC current transformers
Bidirectional IR / USB interface adapter 
METRAwin®10 METRAHit® software
PT100 / PT1000 Temperature sensor
Power pack adapter
Carrying pouches and hard cases

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