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Gossen Metrawatt

For Use in General Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Automotive Service

The Gossen Metrawatt METRAPORT 40S

The MetraPort 40S is a universal digital multimeter that is ideal for use in general electrical engineering, electronics and automotive service. In addition to basic multimeter functions, the MetraPort 40S has temperature, capacitance, frequency and RPM measurement capabilities. The MetraPort 40S has a unique hinged display with an adjustable reading angle, and a neck strap for hands free operation. When the meter display is folded closed, the meter is switched off automatically, and the display and control panel are protected against damage.


• Precision multimeter (V, A, , F, Hz, %, °C / °F) 4¾-place
• TRMS measurement for V AC and I AC to 10KHz
• DC measurement of 10nA to 10A via a single socket and a resettable fuse (auto-fuse), overload and blown fuse indicators
• Current measurement with current clamps:
• Temperature measurement with automatic Pt sensor recognition
• Temperature measurement with type K thermocouple
• Capacitance and diode measurement
• Frequency measurement via V AC or I AC to 10KHz
• Frequency and keying ratio measurement at 2 to 5V signals up to 1MHz
• RPM Measurement with Inductive Sensor (accessory)
• Automatic and manual measuring range selection
• Large backlit digital display with additional analog scale
• Measured value storage and min/max recording
• DAkkS certificate (Accredited per ISO/IEC 17025)
The MetraPort 40S digital multimeter is very well suited for universal use in general electrical engineering, electronics applications and for automotive service.
• MetraPort 40S
• 2x batteries
• KS17-2 safety cable set
• Carrying strap
• Quick guide operating instructions
• CD-ROM including operation instructions
• DAkkS certificate (Accredited per ISO/IEC 17025)

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Part Number: M234D
METRAPORT 40S Operating Instructions(PDF)
METRAPORT 40S Technical Data (PDF)

Metraport 40S Product Summary (PDF)



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