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Gossen Metrawatt

Universal Calibrator, Simulator, and Multimeter

The Gossen Metrawatt METRACAL MC Universal Calibrator, Simulator, and Multimeter

The MetraCal MC is an extremely compact and cost-effective multi-functional process calibrator. It streamlines measuring, calibration, and inspection work in manufacturing and R&D. The MetraCal MC can also be used in the production of electronic measuring transducers, and when balancing and calibrating metrology components. This integrated multimeter and calibrator makes it possible for technicians to simulate sensor conditions at the inputs of transducers, transmitters, and buffer amplifiers. At the same time, it will accurately measure the electrically isolated signal output and save results to internal memory.


• Universal calibrator, simulator, and multimeter
• Dual mode; simultaneous calibration and measurement
• Measuring and encoding in absolute terms and as percentage
• Memory for measurement results
• Frequency and pulse run generators: 1 Hz to 2 kHz
• Ramp and staircase functions
• METRAwin μ90-2 interface and calibration software
• Transmitter simulator (sink: 0... 24 mA)
• DAkkS calibration certificate (Accredited per ISO/IEC 17025)
• Rugged design
• Precision multimeter with multi-parameter display
• TRMS AC measurement to 1KHz
Process engineers can use the METRACAL MC as a calibrator and a multimeter simultaneously by simulating sensor conditions at the input of a transmitter, while at the same time, measuring and saving the output signal.
• MetraCal MC
• KS29 cable set with 3 measurement cables
• Quick guide operating instructions
• CD ROM with operating instructions
• Protective rubber holster
• DAkkS calibration certificate (Accredited per ISO/IEC 17025)

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Part Number: M245A
Operating Instructions (PDF)
Technical Data (PDF)
MetraCal MC Product Summary (PDF)



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