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Gossen Mavolux 5032 C USB and Mavolux 5032 B USB


Light Meters
Precision Digital Light Meter for Measuring Illuminance

Gossen Metrawatt MavoLux 5032 B USB and MavoLux 5032 C USB

Gossen Mavolux 5032C
Gossen Mavolux 5032B

Digital Footcandle and Lux Meter

Part Number: M502N (Class C)
Part Number: M503N (Class B)
MavoLux 5032 Operating Instructions (PDF)
MavoLux Technical Data (PDF)
MavoLux Product Summary (PDF)

LED Lighting Compatibility
LED Lighting: Error Consideration For
Illuminance Measurement


The Mavolux 5032 B & C are high precision luxmeter's that are optimally suited for measuring very high light intensities (brightest daylight, head lights, etc.) without any additional accessories. Each has a USB interface for powering the meter, meter control, and data display/storage using GLUX 2 software (included). The Mavolux 5032 C is typically used in general applications and the Mavolux 5032 B has improved low light sensitivity for certification and inspection applications. The MAVOLUX 5032 B has been approved for certification and official inspection procedures


• Precision meters for measuring the illuminance in Lux and Footcandles in accordance with IEC 13032-1, Appendix B
• The silicon photo diode is color corrected, i.e. its spectral response is matched to the photopic daylight vision of the human eye V(λ).
• Luminance can be measured in cd/m² or fL when using the Luminance Attachment (optional accessory)
• Cosine correction for light incidence at an angle
• Easy to use
• 3 ½ digits display
• Backlight display (only in MAVOLUX 5032 B USB)
• Data storage of up to 100 measurements
• Auto and manual range selection
• USB 1.1
• CD-Rom with software for processing data, and controlling the meter
• Compact carry case and USB cable included
• Light technicians
• Control of light sources
• Street lights
• Lighting of work places, public buildings, sports facilities
• Quality control and quality assurance in the manufacture of lamps and light sources
• Light boards / LED billboards
• Light designers and architects
• Measurements in agriculture and horticulture
• Mavolux 5032
• Battery (1.5 V)
• Operating instructions
• USB Cable
• CD-ROM with gLUX 2 software
• Carry case



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