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Gossen Metrawatt Mavo Monitor USB

Precision Digital Light Meter for Measuring Luminance

Gossen Metrawatt Mavo Monitor

Mavo-Monitor USB Light Meter
The Gossen Mavo Monitor is a digital precision light meter for measuring luminance with the measuring sensor placed directly on the luminous or back-lighted surface, for instance monitors (Crt/Lcd), TV screens, light boxes, light panels, traffic signs and ground glass.

An easy to handle, user-friendly light meter for professional applications in industry and service, for special checks and certified testings according to the existing safety regulations, above all at work stations, in medical and office systems.

Part Number: M504G
Mavo-Monitor Technical Data

Product Summary (PDF)


The MAVO-MONITOR is a high precision luminance meter for contact measurement. It measures the perceived light of back-lighted surfaces, such as display monitors, TV screens, light boxes, light panels, traffic signs, and ground glass. Measurement is in candelas per square meter (cd/m²) or foot-lamberts (fL), and is designed to match the spectral brightness sensitivity of the human eye.


• Precision measurement of the luminance
• Silicon photo diode, color corrected, i.e. its spectral response is matched to the spectral phototic vision of the human eye V (λ).
• Easy to operate
• Fully functional for all professional requirements
• 3 ½ digit display
• Data storage of max. 100 values
• Automatic battery test
• USB 1.1 Interface
• CD-Rom with software for processing data, and controlling the meter
• Carry case and USB cable included
Digital precision instrument for measuring luminance with the measuring sensor placed directly on the luminous or backlit surfaces, for example:
• Monitors (CRT/LCD)
• TV screens
• Light boxes
• Light panels
• Traffic signals
• Accent lighting
• MavoMonitor USB
• Carry case
• Adapter disk
• gLux Software (incl. meter driver)
• USB cable
• Battery
• Operating instructions

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