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Gossen Metrawatt Mavo Spot 2 USB Light Meter


MAVO - SPOT 2 USB Spotmeter
Digital Light Meter with Measuring Angle of 1° Accuracy Class B

Gossen Metrawatt MavSpot2

The Gossen Mavo-Spot 2 USB Spot Meter

Luminance 1° Spot Meter attachment that provides very precise readings for this high-end meter.

From a minimum distance of 1m, and out to infinity, this accessory can be used to obtain precise luminance readings for many applications involving photography, sports venues, street lighting, museums, projection screens, desk lighting and any architectural need.
It can also be used to measure luminance from monitors.

Part Number: M508G
MAVO-SPOT 2 Technical Data
MAVO-SPOT 2 Product Summary (PDF)

MAVO-SPOT 2 USB Application Note
The Gossen Metrawatt MAVO-SPOT 2 Application Note


The MAVO-SPOT 2 USB is a precision luminance measuring instrument with a measuring angle of 1°. This meter provides luminance measurements from a distance from 1 m to infinity, while taking into consideration the ambient light. The MAVO-SPOT 2 USB is equipped with a high quality SLR optical system. It has a viewing field of 15° and clearly marked measuring angle of 1° in the center, as well as an external focusing ring. Two optional close-up lenses allow the measuring distance down to 34 cm.


• High precision spot metering of the luminance with a measuring angle of 1° IEC 13023-1, Appendix B
• SLR viewfinder with measuring circle of 1° and viewing field of 15°
• Measuring from the distance from 1 m to infinity, with close-up lenses (optional) down to 34 cm
• Contact measurement with optional Measuring Probe
• Backlight display illumination with LCD read-out in the viewfinder
• The silicon photo diode is color corrected, i.e. its spectral response is matched to the photopic daylight vision of the human eye V(λ)
• Easy to use, one hand use, with only four buttons and 1 sliding switch
• Automatic measuring range selection, total range from 0.01 cd/m² to 99.990 cd/m² subdivided into four measuring ranges and 0.003 to 29.187 foot-lambert
• Data memory for up to 1000 single measuring values, or alternatively in 10 groups
• USB 2.0 Port
• Tripod socket
• CD Rom included with software for visualizing and processing the data, as well as for controlling the meter
For luminance measurement of:
• Display monitors for computer tomography, digital radiography, viewing panels for X-ray films, and other medical systems
• Lighting of streets, roads, tunnels, and airfields
• Light reflections at work places according to the applicable protective laws and regulations for people at work
• Lighting in public places, museums, and buildings
• Projection screens, for checking the uniformity of the illumination
• Official inspections or constancy tests in medical applications according to IEC 61223-2-5
• MavoSpot 2
• Aluminum carry case
• gLux software (incl. meter driver)
• USB cable
• Lens cover
• Eye piece
• Batteries
• Instruction manual

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