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Item number: M695Q

Defibrillator analyzer

The SECULIFE DF BASE is used to test external defibrillators for correct functioning.

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The specified energy level is measured using an integrated load which simulates the human body (50 Ω). Quick and direct observation and selection of the desired ECG waveforms and test data is also made possible.

A 12-channel ECG with arrhythmias and power waveforms is available for determining the current pulse. These can be recorded and viewed at the defibrillator’s display. The SECULIFE DFBASE is equipped with an auto-sequence function which can execute up to 50 preprogrammed test sequences for the user. The tests are configured with easy-to-use software.

  • Technical characteristics
    • Quick selection of the desired ECG waveforms and test data
    • Ascertainment of information regarding the defibrillator pulse
    • Monophasic and biphasic compatibility
    • Test for shock algorithms
    • Measurement of discharged energy
    • Fully AED-compatible

    Additional features:

    • Monophasic, biphasic and biphasic pulsed energy measurement
    • Monitor display of defibrillator waveforms
    • Cardioversion delay measurement
    • Capacity: 5000 V, 1000 joule
    • Measurement of charging time
    • 10 universal patient cable connector sockets
    • Fully remote controllable via RS 232
    • Memory for 50 individualized test sequences
    • Socket connector for Centronics printer
    • 9 V battery operation, charge level indicator
    • Flash programmable for upgrades

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