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Item number: M6950

Configurable Precision Digital Measuring Instrument for Pressure Measurement

The SECULIFE DP PRO precision pressure gauge is a top quality, precision measuring instrument for the detection of positive and negative pressure in compatible liquids and gases.

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The utilized LCD is distinguished by good legibility. The instrument is equipped with an RS 232 port for data communication and offers the additional option of Min-Max measurement. The SECULIFE DP PRO is digitally calibrated and features excellent accuracy, namely 0.05% of the overall display.

  • Technical characteristics
    • Measuring ranges: psi, mm Hg at 0 / 20 °C, in Hg at 0 / 20 °C, cm H2O at 20 °C, in H2O at 4 / 20 °C, in H2O at 60 °F, kg/cm2, kPa, mBar, bar
    • 2 selectable pressure measuring channels 0.3, 5, 10, 75, 100 psi
    • Temperature option: YSI 700 or RTD 100
    • 24-bit measuring depth
    • ± 0.05% pressure measuring accuracy
    • Graphic LCD
    • Programmable digital filter
    • Digital calibration and zero adjustment
    • Quick disconnect connector
    • Pressure measurement in liquids and gases
    • Min-Max capture function
    • RS 232 port


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