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Item number: M695D

Infusion Pump Analyzer for Flow Testing

The Seculife IF+ is designed to test the flow rates of intravenous infusion pumps to ensure their correct operation. The M695D is able to test two infusion pumps simultaneously.

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All tests are controlled by a Microprocessor which calculates and displays the results. The fluid path is completely unobstructed, making them easy to clean. The tubes are plastic, not glass so they are rugged. The cables and chambers are interchangeable. The unit auto identifies each chamber when it is plugged in. The chamber calibration is stored electronically in each chamber, so all units are interchangeable. This unit is designed to be tough, simple, portable & very user friendly.

Product Highlights

  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Simultaneous Operation of Two Chambers
  • Large Graphics Display with Cursor Selection of Options & Setup of Parameters
  • Auto Chamber Recognition
  • 2 Chamber Sizes (3.5 & 35 mL)
  • Out-of-Sequence Sensing
  • Battery Display (0 to 100%)
  • Ranges 0 to 999.9 mL/hr & 0 to 9,999 mL/hr
  • ±1% of Reading Flow Accuracy
  • Digital Calibration - No Pots to Turn
  • Replaceable Tubes
  • Sealed Level Sensors
  • Programmable End of Test Audio
  • Programmable Auto or Manual Test Start

Your advantages

The SECULIFE | IF+ is intended for testing the flow rate values of intravenous infusion pumps, in order to assure flawless functioning.

All tests are controlled by a microprocessor which calculates and displays the results.

The fluid path is free of obstacles, which makes cleaning easy. The tubing is made of plastic instead of glass, thus making it more rugged. The cables and chambers are replaceable.


The SECULIFE IF+ is a microprocessor controlled, high-precision infusion pump analyzer (IPA) for testing the flow rates of intravenous infusion pumps.
  • Particularities
    • 12-month guarantee for materials and workmanship
    • Two-chamber system
    • Ranges: 0 to 9999 ml per hour
    • No liquids in the measuring instrument
    • ±1% deviation from the measured flow rate value

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