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Item number: M695P

NIBP Simulator for Testing Patient Monitors

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The SECULIFE | BPPRO is the high-end product from the new range of NIBP simulators and is distinguished by a great variety of functions. It includes functions such as NIBP, IBP, ECG, temperature, arrhythmia, respiration, leak detection and much more.

Specially developed to cover a great diversity of functions and nevertheless to ensure a compact design, the SECULIFE | BPPRO fulfills the requirements of modern medical technology. It makes no compromises with regard to functionality and input diversity. There’s hardly another product with a similarly large range of features.

The multi-connect ports make it possible to connect 2 and 4 mm ECG cables and permit use of ECG cables with pushbutton or clip.


  • Technical characteristics
    • Multi-connect ports
    • Peak pressure detection with simple reset function
    • Read-out of synchronized invasive blood pressure
    • Expandable during mobile use by means of flash programming
    • ECG read-out with complete NSR waveform
    • Digital pressure envelope offset
    • ±1% deviation from measured pressure value
    • With multifunctional connection
    • Small, portable, lightweight

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