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Item number: M7050-V101

Test Instrument for Testing the Electrical Safety of Medical Devices and Systems

Test instruments included in the new generation of SECULIFE safety testers make is possible for electricians and medical technicians to safely and efficiently perform and document the test steps specified in the relevant standards.

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The SECULIFE ST BASE offers expanded measuring and test possibilities thanks to its option for connecting a second test probe, and by providing an electrically isolated voltage input - for example, testing protective measures between any parts of permanently installed devices, optimized testing of SELV/PELV circuits, welding current outputs, power packs and battery chargers, as well as expanded use in combination with 3-phase current adapters (e.g. AT3-III, AT3-IIS) and current clamps (e.g. WZ12C) which read out leakage current values as a voltage.

Data can be entered to the SECULIFE ST BASE via the integrated USB port (using a keyboard, a barcode scanner or an RFID reader), or via the on-screen touch keyboard at the color display. Text object data can also be imported, for example from ETC software which is available free of charge. Test sequences can be created by the user, imported to the test instrument and assigned to available switch positions.

Data can also be exported directly via the USB port to ETC software or a USB flash drive. The ID numbers of the devices under test stored to the database can be printed out with an optional barcode printer or written to RFID tags with an optional RFID reader/writer.

The SECULIFE ST BASE also makes it possible to print out customer-specific reports for several data records at the same time with the multi-print function at an optionally available report printer. Customer-specific report templates can also be imported to the test instrument.

The test instrument’s housing and front panel are furnished with antimicrobial properties. As opposed to antibacterial properties, which only eradicate bacteria, antimicrobial properties encompass all of the mechanisms of action by means of which the spreading of germs is impeded, microbial colonization by numerous irritants is counteracted and microorganisms are destroyed.

Product Highlights

  • Antimicrobial properties of the housing
  • 8 preconfigured test sequences for quickly testing operating equipment
  • One universal, adjustable test sequence
  • One test sequence executed with individual measurements
  • Suitable for use by trained persons
  • Extensive data management and storage concept for automated test sequences and individual measurements - for up to 50,000 data records
  • Quick access to measuring and test functions via the double rotary switch, direct selection keys and softkeys
  • RFID transponder, read/write (Z751R,S,T), with SCANBASE RFID Z751E (UID or memory depending on how the reader is programmed)
  • High-resolution, brilliant 4.3" TFT color display
  • Unique multiple measurement permits convenient recording of several measuring points.
  • Automatic DUT connection and protection category detection
  • Compact, impact resistant housing with integrated rubber protector
  • Comprehensive, legally secure preparation of test reports
  • Modern interfaces for:
    data entry * (two USB A) and data exchange (one USB B)
  • Extensive setting options for international use (language, keyboard, character set, date, time)

* USB with HID boot profile - see original accessories for compatible devices

Bluetooth interface for remote control (optional)

Preconfigured test sequences for devices with PRCDs

Additional functions:

  • Remote control is possible with PC software (new as of firmware version 1.6)
  • Additional database elements: property, building, floor and room - in order to better be able to structure comprehensive data - plus additional department and cost center fields as well
  • Multi-print - print-out of all reports for a device under test by simply pressing a key (to Z721S thermal printer)
  • Creation of user-defined report templates with the help of ReportDesigner (can be downloaded for free from myGMC)
  • XML data export to a USB stick
  • Data import of all test object master data from ETC, or from a USB stick
  • Creation of user-defined test sequences with the help of SequenceDesigner (can be downloaded for free from myGMC)


Reliable, comprehensive and efficient testing of the electrical safety of:

  • Electrical medical devices per IEC/EN 62353 (VDE 0751) and GOST R (ГОСТ Р) 62353
  • Electrical devices per DIN VDE 0701-0702
  • Including extension cables and PRCDs
  • Arc welding equipment per IEC/EN 60974-4 (VDE 0544-4)

Testing of the electrical safety of electrical devices is required at medical institutes, doctors’ offices, healthcare centers and in the production of medical devices and is specified in accordance with legislation and stipulations set forth by official authorities, operating companies and insurance companies. Tests must be conducted as a preventive measure after each repair, and within the framework of work safety at regular intervals in order to protect users and patients.

  • Technical characteristics

    Technical expansions

    • Connection for a 2nd test probe for measurement between any two measuring points, e.g. protective conductor resistance, insulation resistance or equivalent leakage current
    • Electrically isolated connector sockets for voltage and temperature measurement
      - For measuring SELV / PELV
      - For connecting an AT3-IIIE / AT3-IIS
      - For connecting a WZ12C current clamp
      - For connecting a SECULOAD
      - For connecting a PT100 / PT 1000 temperature sensor
    • Touch-screen for data entry at the display


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