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Item number: M688B

Illuminance Sensor for the Ambient Light Control in Reading Rooms

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No longer available, will be replaced by MAVOMAX, Art. No. F518G

The SECULIFE IS lighting fixture monitor is used wherever constant illumination must be assured, for example at monitors for interpreting findings and medical viewing devices. It allows for precise measurement of ambient light from monitor screens in accordance with IEC 61223-2-5.

Installed in Seconds

Initial start-up of the SECULIFE IS is quick and easy: The instrument is connected with the included power pack, or to a USB port at the measuring PC, and is attached to the monitor screen.

Light Quality at a Single Glance

The current illumination situation is indicated by the SECULIFE IS with two LEDs. A green LED indicates that illumination is within the permissible range of 20 to 60 lux or 50 lux (class 1 of DIN 6868-157). If this value is exceeded or fallen short of, the SECULIFE warns the user with a red LED.

Saves Time and Money

Test intervals for consistency testing at image reproducing apparatus are extended to six months for veiling luminance and maximum contrast if the instrument is used. In the case of periodic measurements, there’s no need to repeat the veiling luminance measurement during constancy and acceptance testing, nor is it necessary to wait 60 minutes until the monitor screen has reached a stable operating state.

Product Highlights

  • Monitoring range: 20 to 60 lux
  • Power supply via power pack or USB socket
  • LED display
  • Continuous operation
  • Interface: USB port

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