Environmental Protection

In addition to the economic success, the quality of our products as well as occupational health and safety,
we commit ourselves to an environmental policy that is geared to a sustainable improvement in the environmental area.

To achieve our environmental policy, we set ourselves these guiding principles, which are combined with corresponding goals:

Environmental Policy Guidelines at GMC-I Messtechnik according to DIN EN ISO 14001

We promote the environmental awareness of our employees.     
We examine the environmental impact of our processes.     
We determine in advance the environmental impact of new processes and products.     
We avoid and / or reduce negative environmental impacts with modern technology.     
We conserve our natural resources.     
We avoid accidents with environmental impact.     
We inform our customers about the environmental impact of our products.     
We involve suppliers and contractors in our environmental activities.     
We have an open dialogue with the authorities.     
We comply with the requirements of environmental laws and ours that apply to us     
Environmental objectives and check this regularly.     
We reduce costs by adhering to our guidelines for our company.



Registration number, marking, return Registered manufacturer.

As a registered manufacturer, GMC-I Messtechnik GmbH undertakes to cooperate effectively with these national WEEE authorities at the EU-wide national
WEEE clearing agencies (Germany EAR); this also applies to the national EU-wide collection systems. Our WEEE registration number is DE 72794336

Manufacturer Identification

Our devices carry the protected and registered company logo - as shown.


Identification all devices affected by WEEE since 13.08.2005. The serial number or stickers on the devices of GOSSEN METRAWATT can be used to determine the date of manufacture as follows:

 Production Year  1st Position  Month 2nd Position
 2010 U Jan A
 2011 V Feb B
 2012 W Mar C
 2013 X Apr D
 2014 Y May E
 2015 Z Jun F
 2016 A Jul G
 2017 B Aug H
 2018 C Sep I
2019 D Oct J
2020 E Nov K
    Dez L


Taking Back

devices affected by WEEE after the end of their life cycle (WEEE device category 9: Monitoring and control instruments)


WEEE - EU Directive 2012/19 / EU on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment


The RL 2012/19 / EU aims to prevent the waste of electrical and electronic equipment. Furthermore, the recycling, reuse or other utilization of these devices are promoted. Manufacturers must ensure the collection, treatment and recovery of equipment listed in Annex IA of WEEE, which will be placed on the market after 13.08.2005. Germany has merged the directives in the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG). The ElektroG came into force in March 2005. Parallel to these guidelines, international standards and guidelines (ISO) for environmentally sound product development are developed.


Certifcate and More

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