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AC/DC Current and voltage converter

The SIRAX MT7000 / MT7050 is an all-in-one AC/DC current and voltage converter and they are designed for DIN rail mounting. Common current and voltage transformers, Rogowski coils and temperature sensors (PT100 or NTC) can be connected.
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It measures RMS AC and DC, average min. and max. Measurement, frequency, crest factor, temperature or resistance meas-urement, harmonic analysis up to the 63rd, THD, Ipeak and measurement of the internal temperature of the module. The SIRAX MT7000 or MT7050 is equipped with a fully configurable analogue output, a digital output and an RS485 Modbus RTU interface. The free configuration software makes it very easy to program the devices. The devices serve as an ideal solution as a link in the measurement, processing and control levels. They are suitable for monitoring various meas-uring applications in building technology.

Product Highlights

  • Break-resistant plastic housing made of PBT
  • Flame retardant and self extinguishing according to UL94 V0
  • Common current and voltage transformers, Rogowski coils and temperature sensors can be connected
  • Configuration by configuration software
  • Serial RS485 Modbus/RTU output
  • DIN rail or wall mounting for vertical or horizontal position

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