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Item number: Z853S

Z853S Comfort Package – for SECUTEST/SECULIFE M7050

A firmware update to greater than version 2.0 is required for the SECUTEST in order to enable the Comfort Package.

The update also permits improved communication with IZYTRONIQ.
(Operation with ETC, PC.doc, E-manager and PS3 is no longer assured after the update.)

  • z853s-secutest-db-comfort_front.jpg

The Comfort Package offers the following scope of functions (as of SECUTEST version 2.0.0):

  • New “medical” database object – device with extended entry options
  • Searches started with the “Search All” softkey now search the new “UDI” field (unique device identification) at medical devices as well.
  • User-defined test sequences – the number of user-defined sequences has been increased to 24.
  • Move test objects – moving (medical) devices within the tree can be initiated by pressing and holding the respective element in the tree display.
  • Touch-edit – “editing” of a (medical) device can be started by pressing and holding the respective element of the detail display in the main window.
  • Auto-store – the auto-store function can be activated in the setup menu so that the results of automatic testing are saved immediately under the selected test object.
  • Push-print – a computer connected to the test instrument can cause the SECUTEST to enter a mode in which data are transmitted directly to the connected PC instead of being stored at the tester.
  • Quick edit – the quick edit option can be activated when entering a new test object so that all other fields can be filled out immediately after entering the ID number.
  • New test interval database field (also for synchronization with IZYTRONIQ)

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