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Item number: Z745Y

Test Probe with Pulse Current Generator

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The test probe is suitable for testing protective conductor connections at electrical consumers with contact resistance caused by, for example, oxidation.

With contact resistance of this sort, protective conductor resistance might not comply with the specified values during testing with the minimum test current of 200 mA in accordance with the standard.

Measurement results with considerably lower impedance values can be obtained for a short time by exposing these connections to a current with a value of approx. 10 A, because resistanceincreasing deposits, layers of oxidation and other contamination can thus be eliminated for a given period of time.

  • Technical characteristics

    For the testing of protective earth conductor connections

    • Testing with test current in accordance with the standard (via connected test instrument) or with pulse current (generated by test probe)
    • 10 A pulse current for the elimination of: resistance-increasing deposits; layers of oxidation; and other contamination in contact areas

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