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Item number: Z745R

Test Adapter for Testing Open-Circuit Voltage at Welding Units per EN 60974

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In combination with a voltmeter, the test adapter is used for testing welding units in accordance with the EN 60974-4:2007 standard.

This standard stipulates that peak values for open-circuit voltage may not exceed the limit values regardless of the utilized settings.

The peak value rectifier of the SECULOAD-N uses rectifier diode 1N 4007 recommended by the standard. This diode is a power rectifier diode and, due to its design principle, only suitable for voltage sources with a low clock rate in the line frequency range or for voltage sources with conventional transformers.

However, there is welding equipment in the market, which uses pulsed voltage sources with considerably higher clock rates. The equipment can produce pulses with high voltage which, in turn, are not completely captured by the peak value rectifier of the SECULOAD-N. In these cases, the voltage issued by the SECULOAD-N may be distinctly below the peak values in the output voltage of the welding equipment. It is imperative that this fact be taken into account in evaluating the measured values!

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