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Item number: Z506U

Intelligent Measuring Probes with Remote Triggering for PROFITEST PRIME (Length 12 m)

Intelligent test probe, 12 m, with remote triggering and interchangeable test tip, measuring point illumination and multi-LED as status display for the momentary measurement, as well as storage for PROFITEST PRIME.

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  • Technical characteristics
    • Integrated test probe lamp
    • The control unit includes keys for starting/stopping measurements, for tripping RCDs and other devices, and for storing measured values. An LED is used to indicate the status of the measuring procedure and data storage for PROFITEST PRIME
    • Measuring category:
      With safety cap attached: 300 V CAT IV, 600 V CAT III, 1 A
      Without safety cap: 600 V CAT II, 16 A
    • 16 A continuous load, 25 A for short periods
    • Suitable for 25 A short-circuit operation, 10 s ontime, 30 s off-time
    • Interchangeable test tip
    • Alligator clip with bayonet lock

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