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Item number: M281A

METRACABLE TDR Pro – Time Domain Reflectometer

The METRACABLE TDR Pro is a compact handheld instrument for pinpointing cable defects and measuring cable length.
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The METRACABLE TDR Pro is ideally suited for pinpointing and classifying cable defects for all types of symmetrical cable without service: twisted-pair cables, 2-core telecommunication subscriber lines, coaxial and electric cables.

Product Highlights

  • AUTO mode for immediate use
  • All types of symmetrical electric cable
  • Cable lengths of up to 14 km
  • Resolution down to 0.3 m
  • Backlit graphic display
  • Freeze function
  • Editable cable database
  • Bluetooth interface
  • METRACABLE Manager software

Your advantages

  • Cable length measurement
  • Detection of various cable defects by means of impulse response signature: open cable end, short-circuit, splice, tap, split/re-split, water ingress, poor contact etc.
  • Distance to cable defect with 0.3 m resolution
  • Easy teach-in and saving of cable parameters with the help of a reference cable


  • Cable testing
  • Cable length measurement
  • Pinpointing of cable defects

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