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Item number: Z204A

AC/DC Current Sensor Clamp with Voltage Output for Multimeters, 1800A, 32mm Ø

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The CP30/330 and CP1100/1800 AC / DC current probes have been designed for reliable and accurate, contactless measurement of AC, DC and complex waveform currents.

Using advanced Hall Effect technology they can measure currents accurately.

  • Technical characteristics
    • AC and DC current measurement for TRMS multimeters
    • High accuracy of 1%
    • 100 mA / 500 mA resolution
    • Auto Power Off for saving batteries
    • High bandwidth DC.. 20 kHz
    • The transformation ratio can be set directly in the METRAHIT multimeters
    • Simple autozeroing via push button

    Type CP1800

    Measuring range 0...125 / 1800 A

    Resolution 100 mA/ 500mA

    Overload capacity 2000 A (60s)

    Temperature coefficient ±0,1 % of rdg.

    Transformer ratio 10 mV/A,1mV/A

    Overall DC accuracy ±1% of rdg. ±100/500 mA

    Frequency range DC... 20 kHz(-1 dB)

    Clamp opening 32 mm

    Artikelnummer Z204A

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