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Item number: Z227E

Cable Reel for 4-Wire Measurement

100 meter, 2-pole extension cable for 4-wire measurement with METRAHIT IM XTRA, E-DRIVE or TECH @ 200 mA
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4-wire measurement is made possible at large objects with the KCV100.

Your advantages

Bonding tests, lightning protection testing and wick test


Testing of lightning protection at large objects such as wind power turbine blades and lattice towers
  • Technical characteristics
    • Cable length: 100 m
    • Number of conductors: 2
    • Terminals: 2 sockets (4 mm) on the cable real 2 plugs (4 mm) at the end of the cable
    • Overall resistance: < 5 Ω
    • Max. permissible measuring voltage: 30 VAC / 60 VDC
    • Measuring category: O
    • Protection: IP 52
  • Particularities
    100 m, 2-conductor, on a cable reel for mobile 4-wire measurements

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