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METRAwin 10

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Item number: GTZ3240000R0001

System software for METRAHIT multimeters

Any METRAHIT multimeter can be transformed into a professional, PC-based universal recording system with METRAwin 10 and an interface adapter.

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Measured values are queried from the multimeters, managed at the PC and displayed as Yt or XY diagrams (up to 6 channels), or in tabular format (up to 10 channels) with METRAwin 10.

In the online mode, measurement data are displayed at up to 4 virtual indicator instruments or digital displays with adjustable limit values. High performance, online arithmetic functions allow for data analysis and evaluation. The sampling interval can be set within a broad range depending upon the type of utilized multimeter and the selected measuring function.

Measurement data can be exported as an ASCII file or easily imported to other Windows applications such as Word and Excel via the clipboard.


DE METRAwin 10 / METRAHIT supports the following types of multimeters (see complete list below):

  • METRAHIT Starline series (AM XTRA, X-TRA, PM series, E and S series) in combination with a USB X-TRA interface adapter (multi-channel)
  • METRAHIT 30M in combination with USB-Hit (single-channel only) or BD232 interface adapter (multi-channel)
  • METRAHIT 22S-29S / M / C / EX / I in combination with USB-Hit (single-channel only) or BD232 interface adapter, or SI232-II or SI232 memory adapter (multi-channel)
  • METRAHIT 12S-18S / U / T / One+ in combination with RS 232 interface adapter (single-channel only) or SI232-II or SI232 memory adapter (multi-channel)
The user interface can be set to any of the following languages:

German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Slovakian.

The software runs under Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 (32/64), 8 (32/64) and 10 (32/64). The current version can be downloaded via the link included below.


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