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Item number: M680A

Infrared Thermometer with Laser Sight

for contactless measurement of surface temperature

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  • Temperature measurement at large distances, and thus at a safe distance from potential danger zones
  • Electrical troubleshooting, repairs and maintenance work in the automotive industry and in air conditioners
  • Scientific experiments, manufacturing processes in the field of semiconductor technology
  • Contacts in electrical control cabinets, food monitoring and processing

Product Highlights

  • Infrared temperature measuring range: -50 to 1000° C (-58 to 1832° F)
  • Exact positioning with laser sighting (can be activated if desired)
  • High distance ratio (E:M): 50:1
  • Emissivity adjustable from 0.1 to 1.00 in steps of 0.01
  • Additional measuring option with type K thermocouple
  • Selectable unit of measure: °C or °F
  • Individual and continuous measurements, 10 memory locations for individual measurements
  • Storage of currently measured temperature, lowest and highest temperature or maximum temperature difference DT
  • Illuminated LCD panel
  • Alarm function: acoustic signal if selectable limit values are exceeded or fallen short of
  • USB port for data transmission to a PC
  • PC software for displaying and recording measured values (data logger function) on included CD ROM


  • Technical characteristics

    The included PC software makes the following functions possible:

    • PC Display and Recording Program (data logger)
    • Display of currently measured infrared temperature values with date and time
    • Adjust the sampling interval for recording measured values
    • Record measured values to a text file which can be exported to Microsoft‚ Excel for analysis

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