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Item number: M502B

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This High Precision Luxmeter

Due to its class C accuracy, this meter is used primarily as an industrial measuring instrument for planning, installing, inspecting and monitoring lighting systems, as well as for the assurance of compliance with specified lighting conditions. Its four measuring ranges with automatic or manual range selection cover a broad span from 0.1 to 199,900 lx with an accuracy level of ± 3% ± 1 digit. V(λ) matching deviation, which amounts to f1‘ < 7.5%, is considerably better than the permissible error limit for class C specified in the standards

Product Highlights

Illuminance [Lux] 0.1 lx … 199 900 lx / 0.01 fc … 19990 fc
Measuring ranges 4
Measuring range selection Automatic / manual
Measuring rate 2 per second
Measuring method Distance measurement
Measuring sensor Silicon photodiode with V (λ) filter
Probe with tripod thread
Measurement cable 1.5 m, firmly connected
Measured value memory 100 measured values
Error limit – V(λ) adapted (f1‘), typical < 7.5 %
Error limit – overall error, typical ≤ 15 %
Accuracy ± 3 % of reading ± 1 digit

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