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Precision Measurement and Intelligible Qualification Mavospec Base – the Innovative Spectrometer
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We developed the Mavospec Base in order to make precise and easy photometry possible for everyone – whenever and wherever you need it. All measured quantities which are relevant for light such as illuminance, correlated color temperature, color rendering index according CIE 13.3 and IES TM-30-15, color coordinates in accordance with various CIE standards, flicker, spectral power distribution, peak wavelength, dominant wavelength and photosynthetic photon flux density are determined for the measured spectrum and displayed such that they can be understood by experts as well as laypersons.

Product Highlights

Applications Daylight, LEDs, halogen and more
Illuminance [lux] 10 lx – 100 000 lx
Irradiance Ee
Luminous Efficacy Ratio LER
CCT – color temperature 1600 K … 50 000 K (Duv > – 0.1)
Duv – color temperature difference relative
to the Planckian locus
(1600 K < CCT < 50 000 K)
Color Rendering IES TM-30-15 Rf, Rg
CRI – color rendering index per CIE 13.3 Ra, Re, R1 – R15
Gamut Area Index GAI
Peak wavelength
Dominant wavelength per CIE 15
Color purity per CIE 15
Chromaticity coordinates [x,y] per CIE 1931
Chromaticity coordinates [u’,v’] per CIE 1976
Chromaticity coordinates [u,v] per CIE 1960
Flicker – index 0,00 … 1,00 (f < 400 Hz and Flicker % > 1.0 %)
Flicker – % 1.0 % … 100 % (f < 400 Hz)
Flicker – frequenzy 2 Hz … 6000 Hz (Flicker % > 1.0 %)
Configurable measured value display
Selectable Units Of Measure lx / °C – fc / °F

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