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  • Camille Bauer

Technical Features

CP30 CP330 Z3512A
Item number Z201B Z202B Z225A
Product details page Details Details Details
Continuity test
Max. voltage measuring circuit category 300V 300V 600V
Diode test
Transmission factor mV/A 100 1
Intrinsic uncertainty in amps 2mA 50mA
Frequency range alternating current 0Hz - 20000Hz 0Hz - 20000Hz 10Hz - 3000Hz
Phase sequence determination
Intrinsic uncertainty of the measured value in % 1% 1% 0.2%
Current measurement range AC+DC 0.001A - 30A 0.05A - 300A
Analogue bar graph display
Current measurement range, DC 0.001A - 30A 0.05A - 300A
Current measurement range, AC 0.001A - 30A 0.05A - 300A 0.001A - 1000A
Type of current Direct/alternating current Direct/alternating current Alternating current
True RMS measurement x x
Voltage measurement, AC
Voltage measurement, DC
Resistance measurement range
Power measuring x
Leakage current measuring
Top arbour measurement
Measuring in cables with for- and back conductor
Pliers opening 25mm 25mm 52mm
Version as adapter to connect to multi meter x x
Measuring circuit category CAT III CAT III CAT III
Measuring range selection Manual Manual