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Item number: M694C

Testing device with antimicrobial effectiveness and standard-compliant test procedures for testing the electrical safety of medical devices (DGUV regulation 3, MPBetreibV).

The SECULIFE ST PRO IQ supports all required measurement and test functions for testing the effectiveness of protective measures in medical devices and systems - both with predefined and with programmable test sequences, which are necessary according to the test standards VDE 0701-0702, IEC/EN 62353 (VDE 0751) and IEC/EN 60601. The antimicrobial properties of the housing front and housing allow the device to be used even in hygienically sensitive areas.
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The SECULIFE ST PRO IQ's housing front and housing are equipped with an antimicrobial effect, enabling the device to be used even in hygienically sensitive areas (medical technology, pharmaceutical industry and food industry). New optimally adapted measuring cycles, 4 mm application part sockets and comprehensive UDI management ensure faster and more efficient measuring and testing. Data is entered into the tester via the integrated USB port (keyboard, barcode scanner, RFID reader) or the on-screen keyboard on the color display. Text object data can also be imported, e.g. using the enclosed IZYTRONIQ software.

Product Highlights

  • Antimicrobial effectiveness of front and housing of the tester against bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • 4mm application part sockets
  • Software IZYTRONIQ- Business Starter enclosed
  • IEC / DIN EN 60601 and IEC / DIN EN 62353 Sequences
  • Pre-configured and self-programmable test sequences for fast testing of electrical devices
  • Fast access to measurement and test functions via the double rotary switch, direct selection keys and soft keys
  • Unique multiple measurement and thus comfortable acquisition of several measuring points
  • Comprehensive data management and storage concept for automatic test sequence and individual measurements for up to 50,000 data records
  • High resolution and brilliant 4,3"" TFT colour display
  • Compact, impact-resistant housing with integrated rubber protection Extensive adjustment options for international use (language, keyboard, character set, date, time)
  • database extension

Your advantages

  • User guidance through pre-programmed test sequences according to standard with automatic evaluation - thus excellently suited for use by instructed persons
  • Additional database elements for easy entry of all data: Property, building, floor and room - to better structure comprehensive data - as well as additional department and cost center fields.
  • Printout of all reports for one DUT at the touch of a button
  • Creation of user-defined report templates with the help of ReportDesigner
  • The compact, shock-proof housing with integrated rubber protection is particularly suitable for mobile use on construction sites and in industrial environments.
  • UDI management is fully supported.


  • Safe, comprehensive and efficient testing of Electrical devices according to manufacturer's specifications through programmable test sequences of any standard
  • Electrical devices according to DIN VDE 0701-0702 including (extension) cables and PRCDs
  • Electrical medical equipment according to IEC/EN60601, 62353 (VDE 0751) and GOST R (ГОСТ Р) 62353 Electrical safety testing of electrical equipment is mandatory in medical institutes, medical practices, health centres and in the manufacture of medical products and is carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations of authorities, operators and insurance companies. After each repair, tests must be carried out preventively and within the framework of occupational safety at regular intervals to protect users and patients.
  • Technical characteristics
    • protective conductor resistance
    • insulation resistance measurement
    • Leakage current measurements:
    • PE conductor current, device leakage current,
    • touch current, patient leakage current, patient auxiliary current
    • Leakage current from application part, as replacement (alternative) methods, direct method, differential method
    • Voltage measurement: touch voltage, SELV, PELV voltage
    • PRCD Tripping time • Function test (U,I,P,S,LF,f)
    • Line test: continuity, short circuit, polarity (wire exchange)
    • Temperature measurement (for Pt100/Pt1000 sensor)
    • Configuration with country-specific connector cable and test socket as well as a Bluetooth 2.0 connection is available as an option.
  • Particularities
    • Equipping of housing and front foil with antimicrobial effectiveness to prevent colonisation by viruses, bacteria or fungi
    • Pre-programmed sequences for testing PRCDs of type PRCD standard, SPE-PRCD, PRCD-S and PRCD-K remote control possible
    • Additional database elements property, building, level and room in order to be able to structure more extensive databases better as well as additional fields department + cost center
    • Multiprint - Printout of all protocols of a test object with 1 keystroke (on thermal printer Z721S or on USB stick)
    • Create user-defined protocol templates (for thermal printer Z721S or USB stick)
    • RFID transponder (Z751R,S,T) read and write (with SCANBASE RFID Z751E)
    • Data export (XML) to USB stick Data import of all test object master data to test device from IZYTRONIQ or USB stick


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