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Item number: B100B

Mobile test instrument for evaluation, maintenance and inspection of battery systems and uninterruptable power supplies (UPS).

Mobile battery tester for voltage measurement; measurement for the electrical internal resistance and the electrochemical impedance of a battery block; capacity test via logging of current values and voltage curves; integrated Bluetooth interface, integrated IrDA interface for connecting a density sensor DMA 35, RFID transponder function (125 kHz).
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The METRACELL is a mobile and multifunctional test device for the evaluation and maintenance of battery systems and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), for example in computer centres, hospitals or power stations. Due to its small size, the measuring device can be easily attached to the technician's belt or worn around the neck on the enclosed belt. The METRACELL can be used to measure the voltage as well as the electrical resistance and electrochemical impedance of a battery block. Capacity tests can be conducted through logging of current vaulues and voltage curves. The device stores up to 30,000 data records, which can be managed with the supplied battery management software and output as CSV in the form of informative reports.

Product Highlights


  • Compact and shock-proof due to ABS housing and rubber holster
  • User guidance easy to use before, during and after the test
  • CAT III 600V DC


  • Rct and Rel measurement methods: possible electrical and electro-chemical damage to the battery block is reliably detected
  • Battery operation: Up to 10 hours operating time
  • Large internal memory: 300,000 records can be stored
  • Voltage measurement: Designed for single and block voltage measuring up to 600V DC
  • Capacity test: recording of discharge current and voltage curve


  • Additional measurements: Inclusion of all relevant parameters through optional accessories:
  • Current
  • Temperature
  • Acid density
  • Software: display, backup and logging of all measured values
  • RFID Scanner: Use of RFID tags (125 kHz)  for fast data acquisition possible
  • Data transfer: transfer of battery databases is possible

Your advantages

Battery tester with:

  • internal resistance measurement
  • Voltage measurement up to 600V DC and 300 V AC
  • Charge and discharge current measurement plus logging of voltage curves
  • Temperature measurement
  • acid density density data can be imported
  • Technical characteristics

    Measured Quantities

    • Block voltage:
      • ± 2.45 VDC at a resolution of 0.00001 V
      • ± 24.5 VDC at resolution 0.0001
    • Overall voltage:
      • ± 600 VDC at resolution 0.001 V
      • ± 300 VAC at resolution 0.01 V
    • Resistance: 1000 mΩ at resolution 10 μΩ
    • Temperature (optional sensor)
    • Current (optional sensor)
    • electrolyte density (via DMA 35 from Anton Paar)


    • connecting sockets:
      • Force for 2-wire measurements
      • Sense for 4-wire measurements  
    • Bluetooth interface
    • RFID Scanner (125 kHz)
    • Infrared interface for - for example - acid density meter
    • Rubber holster

    Accessory (included)

    • 2 x Kelvin probes
    • Multimeter probes
    • 2 x alligator clamps
    • Mains adaptor
    • 4 x batteries (rechargeable)
    • Carrying strap

    Software (included in delivery)

    • Graphical display of the measured values
    • Comparative display of the measured values (block and time-related)
    • In- and readout of data possible
    • Creation of protocols possible

    Accessory (optional)

    • Current clamp CP 1800
    • Temperature sensor METRATHERM 2

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