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Item number: M244A

Universal Calibrator and Simulator

The METRAHIT CAL calibrator functions as a highly accurate calibration and simulation instrument for electrical quantities.
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As a handheld instrument, it’s suitable for precise, on-site calibration and inspection tasks, as well as for test department and laboratory work, in process engineering, control room and equipment fabrication, general measuring technology and many other applications.

Product Highlights

  • Universal calibrator, simulator, mA, mV ...V, 5 ...2000 O, °C / °F, Pt100 / 1000, Ni100 / 1000,
  • Thermocouples: J, L, T, U, K, E, S, R, B, N
  • Frequency and pulse run generator: 1 Hz ...1000 Hz
  • Ramp and staircase functions
  • Easy operation Interface and optional
  • METRAwin90-2 calibration software
  • Transmitter simulator: sink: 0 ...24 mA
  • DAkkS calibration certificate (ISO 17025) 
  • Rugged, EMC compliant design

Also available: METRAHIT CAL Pack - M244B Set consisting of METRAHIT CAL handheld calibrator and METRAHIT X-TRA handheld multimeter in HC30 hard case including cable sets, batteries and DAkkS certificates.


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